Date TO BE Announced Shortly

We will announce the date of the Long Island Toy Show 2014 in a little bit once we firm up the date with Hofstra University. IT WILL BE IN JULY, as always. #cannotwait

A collection of 1980s videos, commercials and news pieces all about toys and video games...

When I was a kid I had no idea of the barrage of commercials and advertising that existed which still continues today - and ten fold now with the introduction of more tech in our lives.
Dude, best thing about these videos besides the toys and video games is the analog editing, graphics and picture quality.
Below is a collection of television commercials, news pieces and videos all about toys and video games.

"Nuts for Nintendo" from 1988  ABC 20/20

"Video Fever" ABC Channel 7 

 Video Game History - 1982 - From "30 Minutes" (check out the 70s' facial hair- I love it!) 

Nintendo Commercial - 1980s

Halloween COSTUMES and Candy

As Halloween approaches I get nostalgic - I miss being a kid dressing up with my friends and trick or treating in my 'hood. Now that I am thirtysomething (remember that show? "Thirtysomething". Man, I thought they were old when I was a kid. Crap!) I can still dress up but I am not sure how my neighbors would react if I, my spouse and my friends decided to trick or treat with no kids - just us Thirtysomethings.

Here is a collection of costumes that may make you nostalgic or could give you a few ideas. In no particular order...
Barbie Head - as a child I spent lots of time playing with her. Love this costume.

Captain Crunch. How fun is this?! 

The board game "Guess Who?"

 Pinky from Pac-Man

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I am sure you remember these guys!

Napoleon Dynamite. This is from 2004 but an awesome film. 

Wilson from Home Improvement.

If you ever watched Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, you would have met these characters, "The Spartans." 

Click on the link to one of the "The Spartans" skits with Arianna and Craig played by Will Ferrell and Cherie Oteri, solely for entertainment. ENJOY!