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I love U2.

Quintessential 1980s and 1990s is U2. One cannot just pick one of their songs, they are all amazing! Below you will find the video for "I all I want is you". This first came out 1989. I will post more U2 songs in a bit; right now enjoy this Friday Throwback.
You say you want
Diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want
Your story to remain untold

But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You say you'll give me
A highway with no one on it
Treasure just to look upon it
All the riches in the night

You say you'll give me
Eyes in a moon of blindness
A river in a time of dryness
A harbour in the tempest
But all the promises we make
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You say you want
Your love to work out right
To last with me through the night

You say you want
Diamonds on a ring of gold
Your story to remain untold
Your love not to grow cold

All the promises we break
From the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you

You...all I want is...
You...all I want is...
You...all I want is...

Vanilla Ice "Ice Ice Baby" 1990

THE LYRICS: (we all tried to rap to this as kids)
Yo VIP let's kick it
Ice ice baby
Ice Ice baby
All right stop collaborate and listen
Ice is back with my brand new invention
Something grabs a hold of me tightly
Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly
Will it ever stop yo I don't know
Turn off the lights and I'll glow
To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal
Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle
Dance go rush to the speaker that booms
I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom
Deadly when I play a dope melody
Anything less than the best is a felony
Love it or leave it you better gang way
You better hit bull's eye the kid don't play
If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

Ice ice baby vanillla (x4)

Now that the party is jumping
With the bass kicked in and the vegas are pumpin'
Quick to the point to the point no faking
I'm cooking MC's like a pound of bacon
Burning them if you ain't quick and nimble
I go crazy when I hear a cymbal
And a hi-hat with a souped up tempo
I'm on a roll and it's time to go solo
Rollin' in my 5.0
With my rag-top down so my hair can blow
The girlies on standby waving just to say hi
Did you stop no I just drove by
Kept on pursuing to the next stop
I busted a left and I'm heading to the next block
The block was dead
Yo so I continued to A1A Beachfront Avenue
Girls were hot wearing less than bikinis
Rockman lovers driving Lamborghinis
Jealous 'cause I'm out getting mine
Shay with a guage and Vanilla with a nine
Ready for the chumps on the wall
The chumps acting ill because they're so full of eight balls
Gunshots rang out like a bell
I grabbed my nine all I heard were shells
Falling on the concrete real fast
Jumped in my car slammed on the gas
Bumper to bumper the avenue's packed
I'm trying to get away before the jackers jack
Police on the scene you know what I mean
They passed me up confronted all the dope fiends
If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it


Take heed 'cause I'm a lyrical poet
Miami's on the scene just in case you didn't know it
My town that created all the bass sound
Enough to shake and kick holes in the ground
'Cause my style's like a chemical spill
Feasible rhymes that you can invision and feel
Conducted and formed
it's a hell of a concept
We make it hype and you want to step with this
Shay plays on the fade, slice like a ninja
Cut like a razor blade so fast other DJs say damn
If my rhyme was a drug I'd sell it by the gram
Keep my composure when it's time to get loose
Magnetized by the mic while I kick my juice
If there was a problem yo I'll solve it
Check out the hook while D-Jay revolves it

Ice ice baby vanilla
Ice ice baby (oh-oh) vanilla
Ice ice baby vanilla
Ice ice baby vanilla ice
Yo man let's get out of here
Word to your mother
Ice ice baby too cold
Ice ice baby too cold too cold
Ice Ice baby too cold too cold
Ice ice baby too cold too cold

1990s Songs I do NOT hear enough of.

There are way too many great songs from the 1990s. I did not know what to pick, below is a quick compilation. I will definitely post more in the near future.

Pearl Jam "Don't Call Me Daughter"  1993

Alanis Morissette "Ironic" 1995

Bloodhound Gang "Bad Touch" 1999

Right Said Fred "I'm Too Sexy" 1991 

Sir Mix A-Lot "Baby Got Back" 1992  (Don't Lie, as a kid you heard this song everywhere - at school dances, at the Gap, walking down the street blasting from someone's car-everywhere.)

C+C Music Factory "Things that Make You Go Ummm..." 1991

Warren G "Regulate" 1994

B-52s "Love Shack" 1989 (I know this is technically not from the 1990s BUT it on the radio throughout the 1990s. Also, this song is still in rotation - I was in a bar this weekend and heard this song.)

One song, out of many, from the 1980s that needs to be heard...

Paula Abdul "Forever Your Girl"-As a kid I listened to her album and Janet Jackson's for hours. Love! 1988

Calvin and Hobbes

“Dear Mr. Watterson”: Remembering the last great newspaper comic


Bill Watterson combined a reckless boy and a conscientious tiger, and brought down the curtain on a pop-culture era

One day in the fall of 1985, a small boy captured a tiger in a trap (using a tuna fish sandwich as bait, of course). The newspaper-reading public was immediately enraptured, first in the United States and then around the world, without yet understanding that they were witnessing the birth of the last great newspaper comic strip in the form’s history. That strip was Bill Watterson’s “Calvin and Hobbes,” and it occurred to me while watching Joel Allan Schroeder’s slight but agreeable documentary “Dear Mr. Watterson” that I’ve never heard anyone explore the question of why these two beloved characters are named after such forbidding figures in the history of British moral and political philosophy.
It’s hard to imagine a reader who doesn’t know this, but Calvin is an imaginative, inquisitive and entirely reckless boy of about 6 or 7, and Hobbes is his somewhat more prudent tiger companion, who often functions – albeit ineffectively – as Calvin’s conscience or superego. (To adults inside the strip, Hobbes appears to be a stuffed toy. We, and Calvin, know different.) Their adventures, set entirely in a mythic Middle American landscape that’s partly “Peanuts” and partly “Huckleberry Finn,” range from the straightforward, realistic and sentimental (setting aside the question of how “realistic” a comic strip can ever be) to the satirical and the flat-out surreal, even the postmodern and the meta-textual.
Perhaps you remember the T-rex who sometimes ran roughshod over the playground during school recess, or the vicious and dangerous “snow-goons” summoned to life in winter. Calvin can never resist mashing the button on the Transmogrifier (although it’s never a good idea), and neither could Watterson, who might draw an entire Sunday strip in “neo-cubist” style, or in hilarious imitation of long-gone story comics like “Mary Worth.” As with Charles Schulz’s “Peanuts,” there are very few direct references to the world outside of childhood, although the strip always had a large adult audience and Calvin and Hobbes’ philosophical disputes play very differently to audiences of different ages. But you don’t need to understand the pop-culture or political context of the late ‘80s and early ‘90s to enjoy “Calvin and Hobbes,” which may be why children (my own included) eagerly devour it today.

Slap Bracelets

I miss these bracelets and the large welts on my wrist.  

Have u seen TV's "The Goldbergs"? Its very 1980s.

New ABC comedy 'The Goldbergs' based on Jenkintown, Pa families

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
For Chad Kremp, bunkering down on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. to catch “The Goldbergs” is not just a time to unwind and enjoy being with his family; it’s an excuse to travel down memory lane.

Set in the 1980s,“The Goldbergs,” a new comedy that premiered on ABC this fall, follows the crazy antics of the Goldberg family, which consists of Beverly and Murray Goldberg and their three children, Adam, Barry and Erica, who reside in the quaint town of Jenkintown. The show is inspired by the childhood of the show’s creator, Adam Goldberg, who grew up on Newbold Road in Jenkintown.

The Kremps, the owners of Kremp Florist in Willow Grove, lived across from the Goldbergs. Even though the families were different, they became close friends, Chad said.

Chad recalled going to the Goldberg’s home to play with Adam and seeing Murray walking around the house in his underwear and a T-shirt, which is highlighted in the show. During dinner time, Chad said a Goldberg would make a comment that could cause the conversation to escalate into a big argument, which Chad said, didn’t happen at his house.

“We were your everyday family. There were four boys, and we all got along and did things together,” Chad said with a chuckle. “There wasn’t the bullying and the picking on each other like they did across the street. That was an eye-opening experience. The [brothers] punched each other — we weren’t used to seeing that.”

This contrast seemed to be what inspired the newest episode of “The Goldbergs” scheduled to air Nov. 12 titled “The Kremps” where the Goldbergs meet their new, all-American neighbors for the very first time. When Beverley invites the family over for a BBQ, the situation, in Goldberg fashion, turns into a frenzy.

“I always found it so fascinating that two polar opposite families could be so close,” Adam said in an email. “We had an open door policy where the Kremps, Chad and I spent our childhood roaming between our houses. The Kremps were quiet and had Nintendo and junk food — so I always got the better end of the deal. We were loud and had an Apple II Plus [computer] and stale pretzels.

“The idea for the episode came about when I told the writers about the time Chad came down to the shore for the weekend with my family. For three days, Chad lives as a yelling, dysfunctional Goldberg. When Chad went back home, he immediately talked back to his mom who was horrified and hurt. Chad’s mom wrote him a letter expressing her displeasure. A letter! At that moment I realized our families just did things very differently. It was amazing … being raised in [a] very different family and having [the Kremps] always welcome me with open arms.”

“The Kremps” episode would not be complete without a slated cameo appearance from a Kremp himself. Chad had the opportunity to fly to Los Angeles at the beginning of October for the filming of the episode, and the experience he said was “surreal.” Chad got the chance to try out his acting skills and appears in a deli scene where he is yelled at by the actress playing his mother.

He also had the opportunity to meet the cast and the actors who portrayed other members of his family including actor Jacob Hopkins, who appeared in “True Blood,” and plays a young version of himself.

“When I met Jacob, he had just come off set, and he walked by and I said, ‘Hey, you’re doing a great job.’ He said thank you, and then I said, ‘Oh, by the way I’m Chad Kremp.’ He said it was nice to meet me before he realized who I was and then his eyes got big and he said, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s so nice to meet you.’ That was a fun little moment.”

The episode is a fictional account of when the Kremps met the Goldbergs, but Drew, one of Chad’s older brothers, remembers the actual meeting.

“The Goldbergs had a pool, and I remember asking my mom if we could go swimming,” he mused. “At the time, the people that my mother bought the house from were saying this is such a great neighborhood, except the Goldbergs — they’re kinda crazy. [As] it turned out, they ended up being our best friends. … I went over, and that’s when I met Barry, Adam’s brother, and I’m still best friends with him today.”

Soon, Chad and Adam became pals and bonded while making home movies with their VHS camcorders. Adam uses some of that footage at the end of each episode.

“[Adam] asked me to send out all of my VHS tapes, because he wanted to go through it all and find little snippets,” Chad said. “I probably sent him 40 VHS tapes and together we probably had 100 tapes of old footage. The videos are of some family things, but we did a lot of our own sketch comedy type stuff, made our own commercials, had interview shows and sometimes when we didn’t know what we were going to do, we would just turn the camera on and start making fools of ourselves. The camera was always rolling.”

Not only does Chad enjoy the show due to the close connection it has to his childhood, but he said he always enjoys hearing the characters make references to Philadelphia sports teams and is pleased when the show depicts local landmarks like Alverthorpe Park, the Willow Grove Park mall and now Kremp Florist.

“Just the idea of Adam having a show on television was awesome and then having it be a show about his family made it more amazing,” Chad said. “Now our names are on it — you can’t get any more surreal than that.”

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Toys I miss from the '80s

I miss Polly Pocket. 

I simply miss recording songs from the radio on cassette tape. I miss Cassette tapes.

I miss just watching a movie and it considered as work for that day.

I miss collecting and trading my stickers and cards, such as: Garbage Pail Kids.

I just miss the simplicity of being child with little responsibility and no knowledge of how difficult adulthood can be. 

Don't Forget To VOTE today!

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I miss Polly Pocket.

 I miss Polly Pocket. She was a simple, fun and no mess way to play dolls with friends. 

Vanilla Ice Sings "Ice, Ice Baby" on Today

I had to post this, Did you see this?! Vanilla Ice sings "Ice, Ice Baby" on NBC's Morning Show: "Today" with 2 backup dancers dressed as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  AWESOME!!

Theme songs I miss from the 80s and 90s

This is a top 10 list of theme songs we miss from our childhood in the 80s and 90s.
Our hope is that it brings you back to a happy place and brightens your day.
I am sure their are some selections you may disagree with, and that is why their is a comments sections my friends. BTWs these are really in no particular order.

1. Ghostbuster Theme Song (Remember Pop-Up Videos? hours of my life spent watching that show.)
This song is also used a lot during Halloween.  

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theme Song (this one is from the cartoon) ...Turtle Power!

3. She Ra Theme Song (make me sooo happy to hear this song-Love it!)

4. He-Man Master of the Universe 

5. CareBears 1986 (FYI- I am pretty sure this was the cartoon line-up when we would come from school:She-Ra, He-Man & Carebears- at least in my head as a child)  Carebear Stare!!

6.  My Little Pony (i do not need to say more.)

7. Thundercats (Thunder, Thunder, THUNDERCATS ROAR....) 

8. Transformers ("More then meets the eye!") 

9. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

10. Saved By The Bell 

Date TO BE Announced Shortly

We will announce the date of the Long Island Toy Show 2014 in a little bit once we firm up the date with Hofstra University. IT WILL BE IN JULY, as always. #cannotwait

A collection of 1980s videos, commercials and news pieces all about toys and video games...

When I was a kid I had no idea of the barrage of commercials and advertising that existed which still continues today - and ten fold now with the introduction of more tech in our lives.
Dude, best thing about these videos besides the toys and video games is the analog editing, graphics and picture quality.
Below is a collection of television commercials, news pieces and videos all about toys and video games.

"Nuts for Nintendo" from 1988  ABC 20/20

"Video Fever" ABC Channel 7 

 Video Game History - 1982 - From "30 Minutes" (check out the 70s' facial hair- I love it!) 

Nintendo Commercial - 1980s

Halloween COSTUMES and Candy

As Halloween approaches I get nostalgic - I miss being a kid dressing up with my friends and trick or treating in my 'hood. Now that I am thirtysomething (remember that show? "Thirtysomething". Man, I thought they were old when I was a kid. Crap!) I can still dress up but I am not sure how my neighbors would react if I, my spouse and my friends decided to trick or treat with no kids - just us Thirtysomethings.

Here is a collection of costumes that may make you nostalgic or could give you a few ideas. In no particular order...
Barbie Head - as a child I spent lots of time playing with her. Love this costume.

Captain Crunch. How fun is this?! 

The board game "Guess Who?"

 Pinky from Pac-Man

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - I am sure you remember these guys!

Napoleon Dynamite. This is from 2004 but an awesome film. 

Wilson from Home Improvement.

If you ever watched Saturday Night Live in the 1990s, you would have met these characters, "The Spartans." 

Click on the link to one of the "The Spartans" skits with Arianna and Craig played by Will Ferrell and Cherie Oteri, solely for entertainment. ENJOY!

GeekChic Added to Dictionary - Really?!

A list of words newly added to the online dictionary has been released. What would be your additions, and which would you remove? from

Four times a year, the Oxford Dictionaries Online is updated. It's a buzzworthy event. Some familiar words and phrases have made it in this time, while others are new to me - 'babymoon', anyone?
Some of these additions are self-explanatory - it's not hard to work out that 'cake pop' is cake on a stick - while others, like 'jorts', aren't so obvious. Until Miley Cyrus's performance at the MTV Video Music Awards, I wasn't sure what twerking was, but now most people can give an accurate description of the dance (although few may wish to demonstrate the moves).
Other words are familiar but the meanings have changed. 'Unlike' has been hijacked by social media and 'BYOD', which to me means bring your own drink, can now also mean bring your own device. Best to know which it is before you take a bottle of red in to work with you.
I may be dappy, but other additions I'm not so sure are necessary; do we really need a shorter word for guacamole? 'Guac'. Srsly? And isn't 'pear cider' perry? Here's a selection of some of the words and phrases with their definitions, so you can judge for yourself.
• apols, pl. n. (informal): apologies.
• A/W, abbrev.: autumn/winter (denoting or relating to fashion designed for the autumn and winter seasons of a particular year). (See also S/S)
• babymoon, n. (informal): a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born; a period of time following the birth of a baby during which the new parents can focus on establishing a bond with their child.
• balayage, n.: a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.
• bitcoin, n.: a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank.
• blondie, n.: a small square of dense, pale-coloured cake, typically of a butterscotch or vanilla flavour.
• buzzworthy, adj. (informal): likely to arouse the interest and attention of the public, either by media coverage or word of mouth.
• BYOD, n.: abbreviation of 'bring your own device': the practice of allowing the employees of an organisation to use their own computers, smartphones, or other devices for work purposes.
• cake pop, n.: a small round piece of cake coated with icing or chocolate and fixed on the end of a stick so as to resemble a lollipop.
• chandelier earring, n.: a long, elaborate dangling earring, typically consisting of various tiers of gemstones, crystals, beads, etc.
• click and collect, n.: a shopping facility whereby a customer can buy or order goods from a store's website and collect them from a local branch.
• dappy, adj. (informal): silly, disorganized, or lacking concentration.
• derp, exclam. & n. (informal): (used as a substitute for) speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.
• digital detox, n.: a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.
• double denim, n.: a style of dress in which a denim jacket or shirt is worn with a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, often regarded as a breach of fashion etiquette.
• emoji, n: a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.
• fauxhawk, n: a hairstyle in which a section of hair running from the front to the back of the head stands erect, intended to resemble a Mohican haircut (in which the sides of the head are shaved).
• FIL, n.: a person's father-in-law (see also MIL, BIL, SIL).
• flatform, n.: a flat shoe with a high, thick sole.
• FOMO, n.: fear of missing out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.
• food baby, n.: a protruding stomach caused by eating a large quantity of food and supposedly resembling that of a woman in the early stages of pregnancy.
• geek chic, n.: the dress, appearance, and culture associated with computing and technology enthusiasts, regarded as stylish or fashionable.
• girl crush, n. (informal): an intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.
• grats, pl. n. (informal): congratulations.
• guac, n.: guacamole.
• hackerspace, n.: a place in which people with an interest in computing or technology can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.
• internet of things, n.: a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.
• jorts, pl. n.: denim shorts.
• LDR, n.: a long-distance relationship.
• me time, n. (informal): time spent relaxing on one's own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.
• MOOC [massive open online course], n.: a course of study made available over the internet without charge to a very large number of people.
• omnishambles, n. (informal): a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterised by a string of blunders and miscalculations.
• pear cider, n.: an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of pears.
• phablet, n.: a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer.
• pixie cut, n.: a woman's short hairstyle in which the hair is cropped in layers, typically so as to create a slightly tousled effect.
• selfie, n. (informal): a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.
 space tourism, n.: the practice of travelling into space for recreational purposes.
• squee, exclam. & v. & n. (informal): (used to express) great delight or excitement.
• srsly, adv. (informal): short for 'seriously'.
• street food, n.: prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption.
• TL;DR, abbrev.: 'too long didn't read': used as a dismissive response to a lengthy online post, or to introduce a summary of a lengthy post.
 twerk, v.: dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.
• unlike, v.: withdraw one's liking or approval of (a web page or posting on a social media website that one has previously liked).
• vom, v. & n. (informal): (be) sick; vomit.
Which words, that have to this point been overlooked, do you think should be included in the next intake? And, more controversially, which do you think should be left out? Points will also be awarded to the best use of these new additions.
NB: Points do not mean prizes.

"Harrison Ford Angrily Points AT Stuff" by Conan

I love Harrison Ford from Star Wars to Indiana Jones and beyond. This montage that Conan created is hilarious.  BTWs Indiana Jones' hat and jacket are located at The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History 

Jason Statham... ARM WRESTLING.

Continuing our love of late night hosts, I give you - Jimmy Fallon WITH Jason Statham! ...arm wrestling.